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Thread: Aflac disability is a SCAM

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    Aflac disability is a SCAM

    I bought into Aflac disability insurance through my employer after listening to the whole big production at work about how great and quick Aflac is as an insurance company.

    Sure they are! We were planning on having a baby and so I covered my wife and I on the insurance plan. The rep said no matter what, if you could not work you were covered. Well I would think pregnancy is a good reason for not working right?

    Aflac fought me tooth and nail and finally paid us, for my wife being off work after the delivery. They did pay but it took a lot to get them to start. It was not easy at all.

    I have since dropped the insurance!

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    Wow- that really sucks that you had to fight to get paid for the insurance you had paid for. I believe it though! I have fought the same fight. It was not pregnancy just a work accident. I was paid disability through work and AFLAC thought that was a reason to not pay me the money they owed me too.

    I was paying my premiums through them for over a year. I had hoped to never need to claim against the policy but I wanted it just to be safe if I was ever hurt. I was hurt at work and when I went to file a claim to get the monthly money owed to me Aflac fought me. It was crazy. I had never been hurt before so they could not say it was pre-existing. I donít know why they were dragging their feet. It was just crazy.

    Fighting with a disability insurance company when you are hurt and trying to get better and return to work is not a lot of fun. It is not something that you should have to do. I made sure that everything was filled out properly and I had the doctors notes and a note from work showing that I was off work and they still gave me a hard time.

    They kept coming back and asking for more paperwork to be filled out. The problem is I had already sent in all the required paperwork. They just kept sending me different forms to fill out. Each time I got something in the mail from AFLAC I thought it was a check, and it was not. It was just another form to fill out. I called them several times to find out why they were not paying me yet. The reps kept giving me the run around. I was fed up! I tried to call my local rep that sold me the plan a couple of times. I finally got a hold of him and he was shocked and mad. I did tell him that I was making my way to work to tell them all about how I was treated and the crap I was going through with Aflac. I told him good luck getting anyone else to buy into Aflac at my workplace (I work with over 1000 people).

    Guess what? Within 3 days I received a call from a rep at Aflac telling me my check was in the mail.

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