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Thread: AshleyMadison sucks, fake profiles

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    AshleyMadison sucks, fake profiles

    I signed up for AshleyMadison because I was lonely and curious. I was very disappointed in their service. As I got to looking through profiles, I realized that there were a lot of fake ones. AshleyMadison sucks.

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    I do not think AshleyMadison is a scam. However, I do think that there are people who use AshleyMadison to fuel their own scams. So if you are going to use AshleyMadison you have to be extra careful to make sure that you are emailing with a real person. I have found that AshleyMadison is really good about trying to track down scammers. If you see a profile or a person and you think it is fake then you need to flag the profile. I have done this many times and I have seen them remove the fake profiles.

    There are other dating services that have fake profiles but will not delete them. The only problem I found with AshleyMadison is that they did not refund any of the credits that I lost to the scammers. I can understand that they do not want to let themselves be scammed, but it does suck that the burden relies on the users of the service.

    Still, I think if all the real people started to aggressively flag and report scammers, AshleyMadison might be able to do something about it. I did meet a couple of nice ladies off of AshleyMadison so I know that they do exist. Something else I do to try and protect myself is ask for pictures. I know many ladies do not want to give out pictures right away. However you could ask them to hand write a note with your name on it and take a picture of it for you. Or something else like that. This way you know it is a real woman who has real interest in you, or in your case man. It does take a lot of effort to wade through the bad matches and fake profiles to find someone real, but they are there.

    As for me, I will keep my membership with AshleyMadison. I will just be more aware and more careful with who I spend my credits with in the future. What is really great is that you never lose your credits. I got busy and stopped using it, and when I went back 6 months later all my credit (what I had left at least) was still there. I feel bad that a legit company like AshleyMadison gets accused of running a scam. It is the scammers who are making them look bad, so I hope AshleyMadison finds some kind of solution.

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    I tried out AshleyMadison a while back, myself, and I think there are a lot of fake profiles there. I got some “winks” and messages, but when I wrote to them, I received no response. I used Google to look up the names of some of them and found them listed on a marketing website that, it seems, pays people to do the winks and messages, but they are not actually members but are simply attempting to create interest. The FTC has said that this is an illegal practice. They really ought to make more of an effort to conceal where their fake people are from, I suppose!

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    It really sucks!!!

    I am AM member who paid my hard earn money to them. After months of using Ashley Madison, I found it really sucks! It has so many fake members who will send you collect mails (that has only content of "chat now?), winks, admiration or chat request... attempting to make you pay for membership or to make you spend your credit. If you look carefully, they are usually online all day and play the game for Ashley Madison and they never respond back to your reply. There are also lots of undesirable members who are not even worth to contact. Now if you get rid of the fakes and undesirables (too fat, too old, looking ugly, too strange .....of course they are all free members wasting your time and credit), I guess only 10% or less of the numbers they claim would be the normal people. So far, I responded to 11 persons who initiated to contact me and only 1 of them was look like a real person and I was not even successful with that person due to too much competition - maybe 10 men for 1 real woman. Ashley Madison sucks and it is almost a scam!!! Don't waste your time and money.

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