Michael D. Fraizer
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Genworth Financial, Inc.

From: Richard[Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 1:25 PM
To: 'consumerhotline@genworth.com'

ē This insurance company expects dying people under hospice conditions to get on the telephone and manage their insurance claims and care. This co completely sucks! Demanding power of attorney documents to discuss the insuredís benefits, with the insuredís daughter, who has been doing the in home care for her dying father. It is my wife who they gave additional struggle to, as she struggles with her father while he slowly dies in a bed in our home. No benefits here for the dying, none! He will be dead before they offer any help. They just suck. That is the most accurate language I can come up with to describe this insurance company. They took his money and fought with his family as they reached out for help and services he paid for. Their expectation for a dying man to handle claims and legal rhetoric with telephone personnel is way screwed up! It was so comforting to hear go ahead and hire some help , but your fathers claim has not been approved. Thanks for adding to the families stress and demanding legal foot work from the family that is busy caring for a dying man.

This was the response I received
Good morning Mr. Poirier,

Thank you for your email and for this opportunity to provide you with assistance.

To maintain the privacy of our policyholders, we cannot provide information via email. However, we are looking into the issues you asked us to address, and you should expect our reply dated within the next 30 days and mailed to the address of the policyholder or authorized individual of record.

If you have additional information relevant to your concerns, please forward it in writing to the attention of Consumer Affairs by mail at 3100 Albert Lankford Drive, Lynchburg VA, 24501, by fax at 804 662.7858, or by email at [email]Consumerhotline@genworth.com[/email].

Please know that we take your concerns seriously and appreciate your taking the time to provide us with your feedback.


Genworth Financial
3100 Albert Lankford Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24501
888 436.9678

This was my response
Just as I expected, professional zero,30 days! I will read your response at his grave side
I would like to add,