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    Match.com 7 day free trial rip off

    I was screwed by Match.com. I was feeling a little lonely so I signed up for the 7 day free trial. I had seen billboards, commercials, and newspaper ads for Match.com so I thought they were a business that I could trust. Wow was I wrong about that. While on the 7 day free trials I noticed that my emails were being slightly changed. These were supposed to be personal emails so I was rather uncomfortable with the fact that they were not private and that the company will change them at there discretion. Four days in to the free trial I decided that I was going to cancel. When I canceled it everything seem to be fine. No more emails and I could not log in or access their page. I only test logged in to make sure the account was closed.

    Then a month later I see that my credit card has been charged over $100. I can not afford to spend money on something I am not using. I also think it is a scam and total fraud for them to charge be when I canceled my account before the 7 day free trial was over. I called the company and they informed me that they could see I tried to log in after I canceled it. I explained to them that I just wanted to make sure that the account was closed. They told me that if you try to log in with in 48 hours of closing the account they automatically reopen the account. WHAT?

    I was pretty upset by this. I checked the account again at this point and it is reopened. I explained to them that trying to log in to make sure it is closed is not me agreeing that I want the account reopened. They told me that this is in the License Agreement and that I should have trusted they closed it and not tried to log in. I was fuming at this point and canceled it for a second time. I have written many complaint letters but I have still not been refunded the money that they charged to my credit card. Match.com is running a scam so what ever you do, do not sign up for the 7 day free trial. They will be waiting for an opportunity to use a loop hole so they can charge you hundreds of dollars.

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    Match.com ripped me off, too!

    I signed up for the free trial, too. Like you, I assumed that this was a reputable business, as I have seen advertisements and such in many places and it seemed like something many people were using. I, too, was deceived.

    When I signed up for Match.com, they set up a recurring charge to my PayPal account. I cancelled my account. Almost a year later, I found a charge to my account from Match.com. I did not request their services, nor did I use them. Match.com stole this money from me. PayPal not only did not help, they went so far as to side with Match.com on this matter.

    I did not only dispute this with PayPal; I also called Match.com in an attempt to reach a resolution. They kept me on hold for 30 minutes, then disconnected without speaking to me at all. Very unprofessional of them, and apparently Match.com does not want to speak to the people who they are ripping off.

    I then called my bank, who replied that they have heard many complaints of the same type. They are going to do what they can. At least I can trust my bank!

    Iíve done hundreds of transactions over many years with PayPal; this was my first ever dispute. PayPal essentially called me a liar. I am not the one lying here. I attempted to remove PayPalís access to my bank account, unsuccessfully. PayPal claimed they could not allow the bank to be removed because the transaction with Match.com was still in progress.

    PayPal just notified me the other day of another charge done by Match.com, which I did not authorize. When I opened the account, I signed up for a ONE TIME charge, not recurring. I called Match.com about this and they informed me that they could not refund my money, but that they could offer a 30% discount on my membership. I insisted I wanted a refund. The representative said he could not issue a refund, but he could cancel my recurring charges. I was not happy. I told him I intended to report this, and asked for a cancellation confirmation number. He said he couldnít give me one over the phone but that he would email one to me.

    By the time we were done, he DID issue a refund. Just goes to show if you fight back hard enough, theyíll realize you mean business. Donít get ripped off by Match.com!

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    Match.com scam

    I decided to try Match.com because I wasnít having any luck on the others I had tried. Since they were offering a 7 day free trial, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I filled in the questionnaire and it said that in order to see my matches, I had to give them credit card information. So, I filled that in so I could see who emailed me. I actually had a few people interested, but they were too far away to really be a match. I thought I would be nice anyway and emailed a few of them back. We tried to chat with the Match.com IM thing that was built in, but it was so slow, it wasnít worth using, so I signed up for a Yahoo ID and emailed the information to them.

    It turns out that even though Match.com says the emails are private, they are NOT. Someone went through my emails before putting them in the inbox of the people I was emailing and changed my Yahoo ID to the Match.com chat ID instead! First, that was unethical because they claim the email is PRIVATE; second, that was useless because we had already tried THEIR chat and it didnít work properly at all!

    They acted like *I* was trying to scam *them* - I wasnít trying to go around them, I just wanted to be able to actually CHAT with these people to find out if we were at all compatible. I donít know why they wouldnít want me to be able to do that, unless THEY were scamming ME!

    I wonder if any of the ďmatchesĒ were real. It looks to me like Match.com creates some profiles themselves and uses those as ďmatchesĒ for suckers like me. I see some locals that are logged in there, and they look like they escaped from prison or something! When I got winks and IM requests from people, they were the ďbeautiful peopleĒ and unreal. I know Iím not the best looking person, but I donít think Iím ugly, either. For there to always be gorgeous people sending me winks and IM requests, it seems like they arenít real people and Match.com is scamming me just to get me to keep sending them money!

    Since I canít seem to get anywhere with Match.com either, Iím cancelling their service also. I hope I donít have the trouble cancelling with them that I have had elsewhere!

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    £77.00 down the crapper

    Man !!!! You guys are lucky !. I did the 6 month thing for £77.00. Like everyone else,saw all the promotion everywhere...gotta be legit, right !?

    As soon as I paid,...instantly I get taken to an Upgrades page !!!! WTF ?

    Like £77.00 ain't enough already.

    I then get 4 emails.....all from "Admin" ! [Not a whiff of a woman !]

    I create my profile with pics & bla bla bla...the usual. Pretty savvy with the scammers & gays & bi's pretending to be female,etc,etc,etc. But thought since everyones paying,less likely to have these fucktardz wasting everyones time,including their own.

    2 days on there, sent 25 emails, about 50 winks. Got my profile looked at by over 50 girls.......


    NOT even a "Thanks but, no thanks"....[even though I requested at least that !. I ain't an ego maniac]

    Then I get a....very mature woman email me...obviously OUTSIDE my age range mentioned. And she says she can't believe I am not getting ANY replies but her,...because...I'm "so goodlooking" !. I have been told that very often, but I ain't the kinda guy that takes advantage of that,....seeing as 99% of girs I ever ask out have a "boyfriend" already !.

    So I check this website's small print....and I see that for another £9 per month out of MY wallet,....."Girls CAN reply to me" !!!!!!!!!!!! W T F ?. I pay £77 and then I gotta pay another f**kin' £9 per month JUST TO GET REPLIES !!!!!!!

    I contact them, also tell them their IM service NEVER worked,...and that I also could NOT login to the subscriptions page to edit/manage/CANCEL future payments that I'm told are automatic.

    Their reply was full of crap about adobe & upper & lower case for login in.....I may not be a computer whizz but I f**kin' know that at least !.The IM on myspace & facebook etc ALL WORK,... just theirs did NOT & I was PAYING FOR IT !.Page kept telling me I had "other IMs open" but I did NOT.No page,No tab, nothing, just their page was up. Utter crap.

    I the tell them that as I browsed this "upgrades" page 1st time, selected one, but DID NOT get put through to Paypal & login to Paypal to authorize transaction with my Paypal Password....[like ya do for eBay, etc]...I then get a receipts page pop up telling me I am billed for £112.00 instead of the £34.00 for the upgrade !!!!!!

    Checked paypal though and it said £34.00

    Whatever.... ! Entire f**kin experience was a MESS. Total Nightmare !! Who needs this sh*t ?????

    Opened a dispute with Paypal over the upgrade transaction and Paypal found in MY favor & I got THAT money back. [Good old Paypal]

    Another part of match.com's response claimed I could not get a full refund, as "I" was using the service !!!!!!! [ie : getting conned,wasting hours creating profile,uploading pics,trawling through the girls that could or could NOT be "fakes","scammers" &/or NON-paying members that CAN NOT even reply] I deleted EVERYTHING & told these clowns I wasn't using ANYTHING of their site after just 48 HOURS and that £77.00 certainly wasn't worth that, let alone the Hassles & Stresses..... and they still refused a full refund and asked me to PURCHASE a smaller/shorter pack, so they could refund the larger/longer pack.

    But I had told these idiots already I could NOT login to any purchase pages [other than upgrades] because their site did NOT recognize my password and I could only login via links in emails I had received !


    But having pissed away something like £800.00 in last few months in bars,clubs etc, drinking beers I did not even want trying to mingle in the most anti-social city on Earth I have ever been in [Yep! thats right London I'm looking at YOU] this was a cheaper & healthier WASTE OF ALL MY MONEY.

    Time to join a gym & hopefully meet a nice girl,gym bunny.

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    Read the TOS. If you can't be bothered, don't be surprised at being billed. As a consumer, it is your responsibility no matter what. Deceptive is not the same as the customer not being familiar with the TOU

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