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    Kane's Furniture of Florida are Rip Off Artists

    Kane Furniture of Florida is a total rip off center! I bought a new leather sofa and love seat from Kane's and it was a horrible piece of crap!

    I went to Kane's because they were having a huge sale on their sofa sets. I wanted a brown leather set because I love leather furniture and have a Santa Fe theme in my family room and I thought it would go great with it.

    So I go to Kane's and they had a wonderful selection. I picked out what I wanted and paid for it. I also bought the leather protection plan from another company who sells them through Kane's. The sales lady explained that the leather protection plan covers against everything, even if someone accidentally tears it. So I purchased it and it was NOT cheap but I took it out for a year because I wanted to make sure nothing happened to it that wasn't covered.

    They delivered the sofa and less than six months later the seat on the sofa started losing the color on the leather. I called Kane's and told them what was going on and they sent a repair person out to check the sofa out. He saw what was happening and told me the stain shouldn't be leeching out of the sofa seat that fast. He reported back to the manager of the store and he called me the next day. He told me the leather protection plan wasn't something that Kane's took care of and I would have to call the plan's company. I asked for the contact information and he said he didn't have it in front of him that he would get back to me. So I waited a couple of days and they didn't call me back. So I found my policy and I called the company that provided the plan.

    Talking to the plan representative, she said that they didn't cover normal wear and tear which is what the loss of the color on the seat was supposed to be. I told her what the sales lady had told me when I purchased the plan. She asked me if I had read it and I told her I had believed what the sales lady had said. She told me I should start reading things better.

    So, long story short, I got taken by the Kane's store and I will never again go to their store for ANYTHING! I don't ever want to even see the name of that horrible store again! They are rip off artists and I am going to call the BBB to tell them what went on. I am filing a customer complaint against them and I have a feeling they have quite a few complaints against them.

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    Kane's did something like that to my family too. We had bought a living room suite with a sofa and a chair with a recliner to match. They delivered it the next day and unwrapped the sofa from the plastic and it had a big rip in the back. I told them to take it back the same way they brought it in. They said no, they couldn't take it back. I was livid!! I made them wait there until I called the store.

    I called and talked to the manager and he said they couldn't bring it back until they had delivered everything else and then they would stop on the way back and pick it up. So I let them go and told them I'd see them on the way back.

    I waited all day until almost closing time for the store and they didn't show back up. I called the store back and asked for the manager. The lady who answered the phone said he had left for the day. So I called the next day and tried to get in touch with him. The lady who answered the phone said he wasn't in at the moment and could she take my number and have him call me back. I waited for the call for a couple of hours and called back. The lady who answered the phone said he still wasn't able to call me back. I told her if he didn't call me back I was going to come down there and talk to him in person if I had to wait until he showed up at the store. She told me again, she would have him call me back. I told her fine that if he didn't call me back by noon the next day I would be down there.

    The next morning, the manager called me and told me he was not going to replace the sofa that I had bought it "as is". I argued with him and told him I got it on sale but now "as is". He told me I did and he had the paper work to show me. Sure enough they had written on it "as is". Now I have a sofa that I have to keep against the wall for the rip not to show. I'm never going to Kane's again!

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