I just bought a Whirlpool washer, dryer and dishwasher. The prices were great on the 3 so I thought what the heck. I normally buy Kenmore but I have heard good things about Whirlpool. Iím a landlord and I bought these for a new rental home I just bought. The new tenants moved in and have had nothing but problems with the dryer. It does not seem to be getting hot enough, and it is taken forever to dry a load of laundry. They have tried putting fewer clothes in and they also tried out all the settings. I called Whirlpool and they are not being very helpful. They are making us wait a good 2 weeks before they can send someone to take a look. They also told me that if itís not a faulty dryer, they would charge me a service call. What the heck kind of scam are they running? I would take these back to the store but they wonít take them back. I wonít be buying any Whirlpool again!